75 C. 50 D. 30 7. See the diagram below. Isosceles Triangle → 2 equal sides. (This comes in handy to know in Part II!) In the diagram below, ^ABC is shown with AC extended through point D. If mOBCD = 6x+ 2, mOBAC = 3x+ 15, and mOABC = 2x 1, what is the value of x? Given: ∆ABC is isosceles. Consider the diagram below. The triangle ABC is also an isosceles triangle with a right angle at one corner. 8 In the diagram below of GJK, H is a point on GJ, Which could not be a measure of an exterior angle of the triangle? O is the circumcenter of Triangle ABC. A triangle is a polygon with three edges and three vertices.It is one of the basic shapes in geometry.A triangle with vertices A, B, and C is denoted .. Mia is closer because her distance to the chest is opposite the smaller angle. An isosceles triangle has a height of 12.5 m (measured from the unequal side) and two equal angles that measure 55°. 10 The vertices of the triangle in the diagram below are A(7,9), B(3,3), ... 23 In the diagram below of right triangle ABC, _ CD is the altitude to hypotenuse _ AB , CB = 6, and AD = 5. The angle at A is 36°. What is the measure of ABD? Given the angles in the diagram, who is closer to the treasure chest and why? What is the length of line segment AC? Add your answer and earn points. What is the measure of the largest angle in the accompanying triangle? The other two angles ( base angles ) will have the same value. Scalene Triangle → no equal sides. What is 24. 6. 2. Choice (J) would mean ABC is 1) 12º 2) 24º 3) 36º 4) 72º 5 In the diagram below, AB, BC, and AC are tangents to circle O at points F, E, and D, respectively, AF =6, CD =5, and BE =4. 2. 1. Consider the diagram and proof by contradiction. In the diagram below of isosceles triangle ABC, the measures of vertex angle B is 80 degrees. In triangle ABC given below, sides AB and AC are equal. The vertex angle is 80 degrees, so the two base angles have a total of 100 degrees. AB Is Extended To Point D. (a) Find The Value Of X. B, C, D are collinear, . Classify each triangle Triangle ABC, shown in the diagram below, is an isosceles triangle. 16. 17. If AC extends to point D, what is mm∠B 3) m∠A =m∠C 4) m∠C