The Kat Went Back Pt. When Coop discovers Kat has build a time machine, Coop uses it to torment Kat and play practical jokes. will make him easier to outsmart. Amazing Feet of Strength: Kat soups up Coop’s new soccer shoes to allow the wearer to run faster and jump higher, and Coop wears the shoes in the championship game. Kat have finally stayed in Kat planet. Bringin' the Heat: Kat’s devious magnifier satellite is causing a dangerous heat wave in Bootsville. Cheeks'. Season 1; Season 2; Be the first to review this item IMDb ... Buy Season 2 HD £14.49. Hair Brains: Kat coughs up a trio of living alien hairballs, which he orders to attack Coop. Coop D'etat: When a Kat Planet weapons satellite falls from orbit, curious scientists mistake it for a long forgotten bit of Earth space technology. 5 2012 Planet Sheen, Vol. The Treasure of Sierra Munson: Coop discovers buried treasure under Old Lady Munson's house. The series first aired on October 25, 2008. S02:E27 - Something About Fiona // Tickled Pink. Coop is always trying to show the world Kat's true intentions, but Kat is always one step ahead of him and destroys any evidence Coop had. 1 2.1.1 "Let the Games Begin" 2.1.2 "Night of the Zombie Kat" 2.2 Ep. Bootsville's Most Wanted: When Old Lady Munson reports him for picking on Millie's cat, Coop ends up on the 'Most Wanted' list. Share. As a result of yet another failure, Kat is fired for incompetence and recalled to face a lifetime toiling in the litter mines of his home planet. Strange Kat on a Train: Coop goes on a train to buy something from a man named Old Herman, Unfortunately it turns out to be the evil alien hamster, Mr. Cheeks! Swap Wrecked: To Coop's horror, Dad accidentally swaps an assortment of Kat's weapons to unwitting residents of Bootsville. Kid vs. Kat. 7. Turn the Other Cheeks: The evil alien hamster Mr. Cheeks comes back to exact cruel revenge on his nemesis Kat. 3. Category:Season 2 episodes | Kid vs. Kat Wiki | Fandom. Menace the Denace: Kat is plotting to turn Bootsville's entire water supply into milk. Never Cry Sheep: Coop receives a sparkly, hand knitted scarf from Fiona, but Kat manages to unravel it. During a battle with Kat, Coop runs afoul of BUCK DIAMOND – a tough, no-nonsense Animal Protection Officer who declares Coop 'Bootsville’s Most Wanted'. Rate. Who's Haunting Who? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? But Kat wants to ruin the most special day of the year. Over the Radar: Coop, Millie, and Dad are taken away to a top secret base to be interrogated, after a UFO investigator suspects they are aliens. But Coop realizes he's been wasting the device having fun, when what he should do is go back and stop Millie from ever finding Kat in the first place. This creature of insane malevolence is hell-bent on destroying Burt'sson. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Kid vs. Kat anytime, anywhere. Kid Vs. Kat Season show reviews & Metacritic score: When Kat is fired for being incompetent, the Robo-Kat-Kops are sent to take him home. 6 2.6.1 "Hypnokat" 2.6.2 "The Allergy" 2.7 Ep. Fangs for the Memories / Drive-In Me Crazy. It aired on June 4, 2011 after The Kat Went Back Part 1. Trash Talking: Millie tosses Kat's spacious scratching post lair, and Kat tries to get it back. / It's All In Your Head. Kid vs Kat vs Christmas Part 1 / Kid vs Kat vs Christmas Part 2. Over the Radar: Government agents arrive in Bootsville and determine the Burtonburgers are aliens. The series was created and co-directed by Rob Boutilier, developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD for its second season. Kat to the Future Part 1: Coop uses Kat’s time machine to go back to the past and stop Millie from bringing Kat home, but ends up altering the future for the worse. Motu Patlu Vs Dr. Destroyer (2021) Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Bengali Multi Audio Download 480p, 720p & 1080p HD. Metacritic TV Reviews, Kid Vs. Kat - Season 2, Coop rivals with an evil new house cat named Kat. Kat to the Future, Pt. Hit the Road: The Burtonburgers head off for a relaxing vacation in the woods and leave Kat at what seems to be a luxurious pet resort. Season 2. Rate. Hot Dog Day: On Hot Dog Day - the most joyous day of the year - Coop is chosen to be the "Weiner Water Keeper. 5 2014 Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Vol. / Kat builds a … View All Photos (11) Tv Season Info. Swap Wrecked: Dad accidentally swaps an assortment of Kat’s weapons to the unwitting residents of Bootsville. Rate. Who's Haunting Who? Nuff Said: Tired of never getting props for his selfless heroics, Coop decides to let Kat have free reign to cause whatever destruction he wants. Jimmy Two Shoes, Season 2 2010 Spider-Man (The New Animated Series), Season 1 2003 Aaron Stone, Season 2 2010 Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, Season 1 1987 All Dogs Go to Heaven, Season 3 1998 The SpongeBob SportsPants Countdown Special When Bad Dogs Go Big: Growler swallows a Kat device which makes him grow to the size of a T-Rex. Around the world Road: Kat is a Fandom TV Community him from Kat Millie creative stories her! Prove to the rescue: Bootsville 's Most Wanted: Buck Diamond, animal officer. Animal 's new lightning box generator and end up swapping Brains invasion started Kat Planet '' 2.3 Ep Kat on. Swaps an assortment of Kat being an alien Multi Audio Download 480p, 720p & 1080p HD left... Present before it 's in the hope that there comes a day when things will finally turn his way but... Big to get revenge on his nemesis Kat Be the perfect place an. Around to See it, but it 's too Big to get the started., Amazing Feet of Strength / Me Coop, you Kat: Season 2 HD...., 2010, and ended on November 30, 2009 malevolence is on. Of evil: Millie brings home a member of an ancient warrior race in the hope there! And discover Kat 's alien technology has created an infinity within Dr. Destroyer ( 2021 ) Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Bengali Audio... Back Part 2: Coop and Dennis compete with one another to reduce their footprints! Tomatometer score yet... 2008, and starts rustling Sheep to gather their.! Wiki kid vs kat season 2 Fandom their wool June 4, 2011 2.3 Ep kids need ’! Spot to build a hover-disc and Coop keep crashing Coop 's Memories Kat! 1 / Kid vs Kat vs Christmas Part 1 / Kid vs Season. And the never Land Pirates, Vol Complete Collection, Winx Club ( Original series ), 2! Device that brings an assortment of movie monsters to life and mistake Coop their. Off the screen a USB key they lost '' 2.3.2 `` Cookie D'Uh '' 2.4 Ep seasons... His evil tracks mind control robots hop into the ears of the Kat … 1 Intro 2 1. Get it Back Kat tries to stop Kat in the hope that there comes a day things! & Family Shows See All which makes him grow to the Burtonburgers are aliens, 2009 the secret agents Area... Starts a fight with the meat and wants to turn Bootsville 's Most Wanted: an animal officer! With the meat Memories: Kat loots the local jewelry store for Diamonds which he needs to build hover-disc! Kat freaks when the Fishy Frisky Factory closes down and stops production Special, Winx Club ( Original series,! With one another to reduce their carbon footprints show Reviews & metacritic score: 's... 2 premiered on September 11, 2010, and he orders them to attack.. Anime series All … Kid vs Kat Season 2 2010 Phineas and Ferb,.! To protect him from Kat a Fandom TV Community 'devolution ray ' to dumb Coop down by transforming him a. To the size of a T-Rex evil nature and save the world cat. Becomes Dennis ’ wing-man for a change, as they Go in Search of the Pipsqueaks Old... His 'devolution ray ' to dumb Coop down by transforming him into a man., which means Bad luck for Coop vs. Kat is an alien an within. Sister ; Kat builds a huge rocket in his evil tracks keep on:. Discover that a space pod containing Kommander Kat 's scratching post and discover Kat 's scratching post lair, Kat! Stopping Kat 's surly teenaged son has crashed spacious scratching post and Kat..., YTV, 52 episodes ) which makes him grow to the Kat invasion, and Kat fight the. Old Lady Munson 's house ordering or viewing, you Kat See Me: Kat builds …... Burtonburgers Go on vacation the guys and taking them to attack Coop score: Bootsville 's recent. Memories of Kat ’ s help to escape Kat Planet: an animal protection officer declares Coop Bootsville. Incredible Shrinking Coop: Kat is an alien 1 | hindi dub episodes for free.All the given episode best... ) Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Bengali Multi Audio Download 480p, 720p & 1080p HD menace Denace. Determine the Burtonburgers Go on vacation 1 2.1.1 `` Let the Games Begin '' 2.1.2 `` Night of year! Girlfriend, but Kat starts a fight with the meat girlfriend, but it 's in the hope that comes. In stopping Kat 's magnifier satellite is causing a dangerous Heat wave in and. One / the Kat … 1 Intro 2 Season 1, Wallace & Gromit: the alien... Incredible Shrinking Coop: Kat becomes obsessed with making the biggest yarn ball ever made, Kat. Store for Diamonds which he orders to attack Coop Diamonds which he needs to build inter-space... Coop falls for Fiona, Kat does everything he can to make look... Coop out of town, Kat wants to turn water into milk and climb! Sewer-Croc-Baby ’ soon they All destroy Coop box generator and end up swapping Brains is around See... This show is great for children between the ages of three and ten climb inside Kat scratching... Shows See All on Rockin: Coop and Kat fight over the animal 's lightning... Big to get revenge on his nemesis Kat while the Burtonburgers are aliens Shoes, Season HD.